4 Person Scramble

Tournament Results

May 12th, 2018


1st Flight

1st Place                    Dave Killoran                                                60                                $240.00

                                    Dustin Ulmer                                                (Won Playoff)

Nolan Meidinger

Mike Schulz


2nd Place                   Amy Elstrom                                      60                                $160.00

                                    Dan Heuer   

                                    Dustin Heuer

                                    Wayne Elstrom


3rd Place                    Justin Johnson                                62                                $80.00

                                    Bryan Larson

                                    Neil Roesler

                                    Mike Pulczinski

2nd Flight


1st Place                    Mike Nord                                          65                                $240.00

                                    Jordan Allamaras

                                    Joey Allamaras

                                    Brett Craigmile


2nd Place                   Brian Sperle                                     66                                 $180.00

                                    Ryan Weigel

                                    Mike Kirby

                                    Shorty Vetter


3rd Place                    Brad Ventsch                                    67                                $30.00

                                    Darcy Hillman

                                    Dewey Liming

                                    Elvin Loebrick


3rd Place                    Andrew Shields                               67                                $30.00

                                    Tyler Johnson

                                    Jeremiah Mattson

                                    Brent Plante


3rd Place                    David Hertsgaard                             67                                $30.00

                                    Erik Carlson

                                    Max Kringen

                                    Joe Lingen


3rd Flight


1st Place                    Neil Budke                                        69                                $240.00

                                    Cam Neitzel

Ryan Sanger

Tyler Andel


2nd Place                   Cody Lang                                        68                                $160.00

                                    Chris Dougherty

                                    Seth Dougherty

                                    Donnie Gausen


All winners are paid out in LCC Merchandise Vouchers.

Congratulations to all winners & thanks to all that participated!