4-Person Scramble

Tournament Results

Saturday, May 27th, 2017


1st Flight

1st Place                    Matt Chambers                                 61                    $240.00         

                                    Mike Nerby                           

Bill Burgess

                                    Jason Schultz


2nd Place                   Andrew Schields                             63                    $160.00

                                    Tyler Johnson

                                    Neil Roesler

                                    Kayl Hamre


2nd Flight


1st Place                    Steve Rohde                                     63                    $240.00

                                    James Gillespie

                                    Brad Oyos

                                    Jim Gunkleman


2nd Place                   Randy Rusch                                67                       $120.00

                                    Greg Wessels

                                    James Gillespie

                                    Brad Oyos


3rd Flight

1st Place                    Bradley Ziegler                                 68                    $220.00

                                    Hunter Seifert                                              

                                    Steve Boyer

                                    Cody Lang


4th Flight


1st Place                    Lucas Gramlow                                74                    $220.00

                                    Dana Gramlow                                            

                                    Dustin Doyle

                                    Brennan Fornard




All winners are paid out in LCC Merchandise Vouchers.

Congratulations to all winners & thanks to all that participated!!!