Couples Tournament

Tournament Results

September 3rd, 2018


1st Flight

1st Place                    Amy Elstrom                                      69                                $120.00

                                    Wayne Elstrom                                            


2nd Place                   Alecia Killoran                                  70                                $80.00

                                    David Killoran          


(T)3rd Place             Jennifer Mairs                                  71                                $20.00

                                    Garett Mairs


(T) 3rd Place            Darcy Hillman                                   71                                $20.00

                                    Randy Rusch


(T) 3rd Place              Nicole Larson                                   71                                $20.00

                                    Bryan Larson


2nd Flight


1st Place                    Elizabeth Kruger                              73                                $120.00

                                    Lee Kruger                                       


2nd Place                   Josh Bergerson                                74                                $80.00

                                    Jessica Speichen   


(T)3rd Place             Chris Kappes                                    76                                $13.33

                                    Brianne Kappes


(T) 3rd Place            Mark Stengrim                                  76                                $13.33

                                    Angie Taylor


(T) 3rd Place              Julie Gunkleman                             76                                $13.33

                                    Jim Gunkleman



3rd Flight


1st Place                    Angie Pulczinski                              74                                $120.00

                                    Mike Pulczinski                                           


(T) 2nd Place             Amy Selberg                                     75                                $160.00

                                    Larry Selberg


(T) 2nd Place             Patty Oleson                                     75                                $160.00

                                    Brad Ventsch



3rd Flight


1st Place                    Kayla Hoyme                                                75                                $120.00

                                    Travis Trapp                                     


2nd Place                   Kelsey Plante                                   77                                $80.00

                                    Brent Plante


3rd Place                  Margeret Williams                            78                                $60.00

                                    Jeff Williams



Course Contest Winners


$80 Gift Certificate to Each Winner

Long Drive #1-Bryan Larson

Long Drive #6-Randy Rusch

Closest to Pin #8-Randy Rusch

Long Putt #9-Angie Taylor

All winners are paid out in LCC Merchandise Vouchers.

Congratulations to all winners & thanks to all that participated!