2-Person Triple Event

Tournament Results

June 11th, 2017


1st Flight


1st Place                    Justin Johnson                                105                 $120.00         

                                    Bryan Larson


2nd Place                   Cody Pulczinski                               107                 $80.00

                                    Mike Pulczinski


3rd Place                    Miles Schacher                                113                 $50.00

                                    Miles Schacher



2nd Flight


1st Place                    Scott Ulland                                      118                 $120.00

                                    Brad Ulland


2nd Place                   Barry Melville                                  120                   $80.00

                                    John Marshall


3rd Place                    Pace Maier

                                    Nolan Meidinger                              121                 $50.00



All winners are paid out in LCC Merchandise Vouchers.

Congratulations to all winners & thanks to all that participated!!!