Srixon Z-Star (Yellow)

Price: $7.99

*** Srixon - Ball Sale - Buy (2) Sleeves Get (1) FREE ***

* - 1 sleeve = 3 golf balls

With the Srixon Z-Star 6 Golf Balls, Srixon managed to combine the benefits of hard and soft balls into a single ball.  Srixon started by adding thousands of layers to the core until it was firm enough to deliver deliver explosive distance, yet soft enough to have tour ball feel.

Molecular bonds in the Z-Star 6's cover stretch but don't break, giving you a softer cover that digs into your clubs grooves at impact.  This creates more friction, which dramatically increases spin and ultimately stopping power. 

Srixon Z-Star 6 Golf Balls 2019 Feature:

  • SeRM Urethane cover for unmatched spin and stopping power
  • Mangle Layer for distance and greenside spin
  • FastLayer Core for distance with soft feel
  • 12 ball box
  • Yellow finish
  • Authorized Srixon Retailer


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