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Course Information

The Leonard Country Club is a challenging 3032 yard Par 36 9-hole golf course located in Leonard, ND.  It’s an easy drive from Fargo west on I-94 to Casselton, then 15 minutes south on county road 18.

The course was established in 1960 and features rolling hills and a gentle creek running throughout.  A unique design provides a fun and challenging environment for all levels of golfers.  The course is well protected by the many large established trees in the sand hills of North Dakota.

Excellent drainage and newly paved cart paths allow carts to run in virtually any weather conditions.

Course Superintendent:

Logan Rusch




Blue Tee:

3032 yards


White Tee:

2838 yards


Yellow Tee:

2524 yards


Red Tee:

2497 yards


Hole #1

Par 4 – 421 Yards

Very challenging opening hole with the signature tree located right in the center of the fairway. Out of Bounds left & a lateral hazard right of the green makes a par a great score on any day.

Hole #2

Par 5 – 485 Yards

Many say this is the most difficult hole on the course. It is a risk-reward hole with a creek running down the left side & through the fairway. If you hit a good tee shot, you can go over the creek on the second shot. However, with any wind or a short tee shot, a lay-up shot is required. The lay-up shot is very difficult as the fairway narrows & slopes towards the water. Finally, a narrow green with a great deal of slope is the final destination. You either love it or hate it, but it is definitely a challenge.

Hole #3

Par 4 – 258 Yards

It looks like an easy birdie on paper, but this hole gets a lot of people. It gets really tight by the green with nowhere to bail out. If you miss the green it will most likely be a penalty stroke, and even if you hit it straight it still has a very small sloped green to navigate. Great “Scramble” hole!!!

Hole #4

Par 4 – 401 Yards

This is a tough hole. You tee off blind over a hill with a dog-leg left. You have to decide if you want to try cut the corner or bail to the right. There are several trees and a lateral hazard to the left, as well as a row of trees on the right. Even with a good drive this is a very tough green to hit as it small & sloped. (#1 Handicap Hole)

Hole #5

Par 3 – 200 Yards

This is a very difficult Par 3. It is long and can be a bear with any cross winds or in your face. The hole provides a visual dilemma as you tee from an elevated position. You have to pick the right club and make a solid confident swing. A par is an excellent score with the newly added pond just to the right of the green!

Hole #6

Par 5 – 530 Yards

This hole is all about the drive. If you play tips, you are hitting through a narrow shoot with out of bounds on the left and steep sloped hills on the right. If you nail a good tee shot down the middle, birdie is in play. A poor drive and big numbers are possible. The second shot becomes a challenge with a brand new pond added to the right of the green. This takes away the “bail-out” zone and makes a lay-up a smart play.

Hole #7

Par 4 – 319 Yards

This is a fun hole that has a ravine that runs through it right in front of the green. Most people lay-up and play for a good approach shot. A “Big-Hitter” can go for the green, but there is a sand trap that protects the front, and the ravine has long rough that is tough to hit from. Also, over the back is “Dead”. Finally, there is an out-of-bounds along the entire left side, making an accurate tee shot very important. (Coffin Corner-These last 3 holes can make or break your round.)

Hole #8

Par 3 – 140 Yards

You need a good tee shot. The back left falls off with a steep hill, and there are large pine trees right and left. You can birdie with a solid tee shot, but it is a tricky green to hit as wind can become a factor on club selection.

Hole #9

Par 4 – 278 Yards

This is a fun closing hole!!! You can drive the green with a perfect drive, but you have to hit up hill over the creek & trees with a dog-leg left. Even with a drive on the green it still does not mean birdie. This is a large sloped green that has delivered many 3 putts.

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