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Men's Day Details & Rules:

Men's Day will be every Thursday from May-August.

We will feature weekly "Course Contests" & "Weekly Games"(See Schedule Below) for Men Only which can be played any time throughout the day on Thursdays. There will be weekly points for Participation, Course Contest Winners, Weekly Game Winners & Weekly Drawings for all Men who participate. There will be a "Shoot-Out" for all Cumulative Points Leaders at year-end. Please Note that the tee sheet will be open for ALL players(Men & Women) so please book your preferred tee time early. We will be featuring Meal Specials, Drink Specials & Discounts for Men Only every Thursday from May-August.


Members: Course Contests-$5.00 + Weekly Games-$5.00 (Optional) 

Non-Members(Men): Green Fees-$15.00($3.00 Off) + Course Contests-$5.00 + Weekly Games-$5.00 (Optional)

Members/Non-Members: Carts-$8.00/Seat($1.00 Off)

Meal Special: Prices will vary each week depending on meal served.


***2024 Men’s Day Season Points Games*** (NEW) 2-Person & 4-Person Scramble***

***NEW - Course Contest Winners - 50 Pts., Course Contest Participation - 10 Pts.

***New - Club Tournament Participation - Double Points - 180 Pts.

  • May 2nd - 2-Person Blind Draw Scorecard
  • May 9th - 2-person "Mulligan" Blind Draw Scorecard
  • May 16th - 2-Person "Best Ball" Blind Draw Scorecard
  • May 23rd - 2 Person "Stableford" Blind Draw Scorecard
  • May 30th - 2-Person Scramble - Blind Draw Scorecard
  • June 6th - 2-Person Blind Draw Scorecard
  • June 13th – 2-Person “Mulligan” Blind Draw Scorecard 
  • June 20th  2-Person “Best Ball” Blind Draw Scorecard
  • June 27th – 2-Person “Stableford” Blind Draw Scorecard
  • July 4th – No Men's Day - Holiday
  • July 11th – 2-Person Scramble - Blind Draw Scorecard
  • July 18th - 2-Person Blind Draw Scorecard 
  • July 25th - 2-Person “Mulligan” Blind Draw Scorecard 
  • Aug 1st – 2-Person “Best Ball” Blind Draw Scorecard 
  • Aug 8th – 2-Person “Stableford” Blind Draw Scorecard 
  • Aug 15th - 2-Person Scramble - Blind Draw Scorecard
  • Aug 22nd - 2-Person Blind Draw Scorecard - Total 18-Hole Combined Score
  • Aug 24th-25th - Men's Club Tournament - (Double Points For Participation)
  • Aug 29th - 4-Person Scramble 
  • Sept 5th - Season Finale – “Shoot-Out” 


***Formats – Descriptions – Rules***

Cost: $5/Person Per Week – ($1/Person Per Week Goes To Final “Shoot-Out” Prize Pool, With The Winner Being Crowned As The Over-All Champion!!! In Order To Qualify For The “Shoot-Out” You Must Be In The Top 10 Total Season Points Leaders). There is a 2nd Flight to the Shoot-Out - This will give the next (10) players in line entry in a separate shoot-out. New: Additional Points Added For Course Contest Winners & Participation + Club Tournament Participation-Double Points.

  • 2-Person Blind Draw Scorecard: Play 9-holes – Turn In Card – Blind Draw Partner – Low Combined 18-Hole Score Wins.
  • 2-Person “Mulligan” Blind Draw Scorecard: Play 9-Holes – Turn In Card – Blind Draw Partner – Highest (2) Holes Removed (Mulligan) – Low Combined 14-Hole Score Wins.
  • 2-Person “Best Ball” Blind Draw Scorecard: Play 9-holes – Turn In Card – Blind Draw Partner – Record The Best Score Per Hole Of The Two Players – Low Total 9-Hole Score Wins.
  • 2-Person Scramble: Play 9-Hole Scramble With A Chosen Partner – Turn In Card - 2-Person Teams(s) Placed In Hat – Draw For Teams/Partners – Low Team Total Wins
  • 2-Person “Stableford” Blind Draw Scorecard: Play 9-Holes – Turn In Card – Blind Draw Partner – Total Points Added Up Based On ” “LCC 
  • LCC Stableford Scoring: Double Eagle: 10 points; Eagle: 8 points; Birdie: 4 points; Par: 2 points; Bogey: 0 points; Double Bogey or more: -1 points.
  • 4-Person Scramble: Choose Your Own 4-Person Team - Low Team Wins
  • Course Contests: Winners-50 Pts, Participation-10 Pts.
  • Men's Club Tournament: *Double Points*-Participation-180 Pts.
  • Season Finale – “Shoot-Out”: Top (10) Point Leaders Play Start on Hole #1 – All (10) Players Play The First Hole – The Highest Score Is Removed From Group – In The Event Of A Tie For High Score – All Players Chip-Off – Farthest Away Is Removed From The Group – Remaining Players Continue Until Only One Player Remains (Champion). Places 11-20 Will Play The Same Format In Consolation Bracket.
  • Weekly Game Points: 1st Place-90 Pts., 2nd Place-60 Pts, 3rd Place-40 Pts., 4th Place-30 Pts., 5th Place-20 Pts., Participation (No Place)-10 Pts.
  • Prizes: Weekly Prizes Awarded @ $4/PP & Season Points Leaders Awarded @ $1/pp Per Week – 100% Pay-Out


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