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DETAILS & RULES: Begins: Monday, June 3rd, 2024

League is held each Monday Night at 6pm throughout June-August. A full summer schedule will be posted after all entries are in. The Format is 2-Person Match Play. It is a handicap based league and is open to Men, Women and Junior golfers. There are 9-hole matches each week in which you will be matched up against another 2-person team. *The lowest handicap player on one team will match up head-to-head against the low handicap player on the opposing team. The higher handicap player on one team will play “head-to-head” against the higher handicap player on the opposing team. The scoring system is based on a 20-point system per match & 40-point system as a team total. Each hole being worth 2 points/match & the total score worth 2 points. The winning hole/total score is determined after handicap is deducted. The top teams in each division will battle at the end of season for the league championship. The top teams are determined by record first, secondly by the total season points scored. If there is still a tie, we would go to head-to-head match. If teams are still tied we would have a play-off.

Important Notes: If you know you will be gone on any given week, you may make-up your match in advance. Otherwise, it must be completed before the next weeks’ play. If there is only (1) player available on a given night you may still play the match with one player taking on both players individually (Exception: During The Play-offs Both Players MUST Play). If nobody shows up or does not attempt to call opponents with at least 4 hours before tee-time, the team will receive 0 points for the week. The other team will continue to play & automatically get 12 points plus 1 point for each shot under the total team handicap.

Cost: $40.00/Person for Entire Season

Prizes: 100% Prize Pay-Out!!!

Weekly Course Contests: $2.00/Per Contest Per Week -OR- $5.00/All Three Contests

**Note: USGA Handicap will be required ($30 Per Year)

Payment: You may pay your League Entry Entry Fees and USGA Handicap in advance right from our website under "Shop Online". 

Please Call 645-2582 to Register Your 2-Person Team ASAP so we may form Divisions!!!



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